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Пт, 19 авг, 2005, 20:42
Тест, очередной

You are a Cancer, the funniest sign of the zodiac.
You are family-oriented, loyal, lovable, kind,
sensitive, intuitive and imaginitive! You are
very, very protective of your friends, and you
give them great advice! The animal you are most
like is, a crab! Crabs are very smart, mabe
thats why they have lived for over 500 million
years! Crabs have a tough exteriorin which they
hide their soft-selfs (just like you and your
emotions). And just like the crab, you have two
ways to go in life, the hard lifeless shell or
the heart!

-your lucky colors are sea green(the color of your
home, the sea) and silver(the color of the

-your metal is silver (me:didnt see that one
comming*note the sarcasum*)

-your precious stone is a pearl

-your lucky day of the week is monday

-your element is water

-the planet you are ruled by is the moon, hey your
just like the tides, you know the moon makes
the tides go in and out!! Oh well, guess not

-the parts of the body that you rule are your
stomach and breasts(me:stop giggling, he he)

-your true love comes from a scorpio, pisces,
taurus, or your own cancer!

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Запала исключительно из-за симпатичных картинок, а на самом деле я по знаку зодиака - Дева, воть!